Halsey Street

The seating in Halsey St features beautiful Purple Heart hardwood logs. This timber is sourced from Guyana where it is  grown and harvested in a 100% sustainable operation that holds FSC and Rainforest Alliance certification. While the log elements are a nod to the port's history, they sit comfortably alongside the sleeker timber and steel seating that ties the street to the rest of the Wynyard Quarter.

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Wynyard Log Stack

Wynyard Log Stack

Awesome project in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter. Right next to the new Park Hyatt, these log stacks are reminicent of the old wharf with logs stcked on it. 

Harald Long Reserve

Harald Long Reserve

Barry Curtis Park


Various Balustrades and Handrails

Cowie Street Bridge Balustrade

Mission Bay

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Viaduct Events Centre

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Route K Bridge Balustrade

Orakei Boardwalk

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